Ever heard about the DonnieCam? It's the most famous webcam in the Netherlands and, for the moment, even the most popular webcam on our website!

The DonnieCam is located in the centre of Amsterdam, the capitol city of the Netherlands. It looks out over Prinsengracht, Looiersgracht and Runstraat. This particular webcam is, already for years now, very popular on our website. So we think the time has come to share with everyone what makes this webcam so special.

The best way to explain why this webcam could ever become so popular is to quote one of Donnies buddies, as he reveals the true story behind this fascinating webcam:

"The crappy webcam started way back in 1995 as the famous shower cam, a continuous loop of similar images showing my empty shower. The showercam was only a part of my website, which was built in analogy to a house. The shower was just a part of that structure, but for some reason, it outnumbered every other space in number of visits.

It were the early days of internet, still rough and undiscovered by the masses. New ideas evolved and more people started using this new medium. Time for changes. The showercam was deleted from the server, but the code remained dormant, until 2005, when the idea for the crappy webcam was born. We called it after our host, Don.

The idea behind the crappy webcam was simple enough. When I was visiting Don, I loved looking out of his window. It was almost as if I was watching a stage, complete with actors, props, lighting et cetera. The scene started the moment I looked and ended just as easy when I didn’t. The camera enabled me to do the same, but remotely.

Although I watch the crappy webcam every day, the magic stays and has even gotten more magical. While many people watch these days, others use the stage for their performances. Some only wave, where others use the stage ambitiously, ranging from a division of the image with a white line, to large, colorful drawings on the pavement.

It’s amazing to see that, after fifteen years, the crappy webcam still excites people."

What do you think about the story behind the DonnieCam? Be sure to share your thoughts about it with us down below.