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02-03 2013

Watch the Northern Lights from Home

The Northern Lights, more properly known as the Aurora Borealis, have long enchanted people from all over the world. With their dazzling colors and otherworldly glow, they might look like magic, but the science behind them is well understood
24-02 2013

2013 Academy Awards

The biggest awards show of the season is just hours away! Preparations are well underway in Hollywood: Hollywood Boulevard is shut down in front of the Dolby Theater as LA gets ready for its big closeup.
08-02 2013

Blizzard Takes Aim at Northeastern USA

A blizzard of possibly historic proportions is set to strike the Northeast, starting today and bringing up to 2 feet of snow and strong winds that could shut down densely populated cities such as Boston and New York City.
02-02 2013

Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

This sunday, the American Football Conference champion Baltimore Ravens and the National Football Conference champion San Francisco 49ers will square of in the 47th edition of the Super Bowl to decide who will be the next National Football Leag champion for the 2012 season.
30-12 2012

New Year's Fireworks Around the World

2013 is right around the corner which means big cities from all over the world are preparing to celebrate it properly. New Year's eve is famous for it's fabulous fireworks around the globe and we are offering you the opportunity to watch it worldwide!
28-10 2012

Hurricane Sandy Nears East Coast

Weather forecasters warned on Sunday that Hurricane Sandy will affect a large area of the East Coast but said it was too early to pinpoint where the storm, which has the potential to be the biggest to hit the mainland, would make landfall.