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11-04 2013

Discover the beautiful Barbados

4 Compelling Reasons Why Barbados is One of the Best Destinations in the Caribbean: The tropical weather and golden beaches are the usual attractions for people visiting Barbados. However there is far more on the island for travellers to see, from island-wide carnivals to hidden natural treasures.
29-08 2012

Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac weakened Wednesday morning but clung to hurricane strength as officials warned that the Gulf Coast will have to endure many more hours of pounding rain. We take a look at the potential flooding areas and keep on streaming live from the area.
27-08 2012

Tropical storm Isaac gains strength

All eyes in America are upon the tropical storm Isaac right now. This dangerous storm follows nearly the same path as hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans nearly seven years ago to the day. So many are worried about the possible destruction Isaac will cause. Our webcams offer you a live visual upon the storm as the situation develops.