Dear readers.

Today we are proud to announce that our blog has gone live! This blog will regularly be updated so be sure to return from time to time to check the latest news.

The main focus of this blog is to provide you with some nice traveling ideas and to update you on some cool events that might be taking place around the globe. Our staff members and some of our users have been traveling around quite a bit and are busy writing some nice blog posts about them. We’ll share them with you when they are finished and hopefully they’ll amuse you or even inspire you on your next holidays. And of course we’ll share some interesting webcams featuring places they’ve encountered so you can check everything out for yourselves.

On this blog we'll also announce the new features we’re currently developing for our website. And we can already tell you that some of them will really enhance the experience you get. Feel free to share your opinion about these features with us when the time comes, because you are all we care about. We want you to have a great time on our website.

Enjoy your free ride around the globe!

Your World-Cams team