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Blog - Posts written by 'Amber'

11-04 2013

Discover the beautiful Barbados

4 Compelling Reasons Why Barbados is One of the Best Destinations in the Caribbean: The tropical weather and golden beaches are the usual attractions for people visiting Barbados. However there is far more on the island for travellers to see, from island-wide carnivals to hidden natural treasures.
30-12 2012

New Year's Fireworks Around the World

2013 is right around the corner which means big cities from all over the world are preparing to celebrate it properly. New Year's eve is famous for it's fabulous fireworks around the globe and we are offering you the opportunity to watch it worldwide!
04-10 2012

Largest Cities of the European Union - Pt 1

Today we would like to share the coolest webcams from the biggest cities of the European Union with you. We start with the two biggest cities in the EU by population. Any idea which cities will make it to the list?
01-09 2012

Traveling to New York

Amber, who also wrote the article "Traveling To Paris" for us recently, went on a citytrip to New York City. As the most populous city in the United States of America, NYC really will have something to offer for everyone. Let's read what Amber has to say about the matter.
15-08 2012

Traveling to Paris

Amber, one of our biggest fans, recently went on a short city trip to Paris. She decided to share her experience with the us and the other readers of our website. So we are proud to present you "traveling to Paris" through the eyes of Amber.